Ratho Surgery – Notice to Patients from NHS Lothian

Posted on behalf of Ratho Surgery Patient Participation Group

Ratho Surgery Update (13/05/2016)

Unfortunately, Dr Simpson remains unwell and will be absent from the practice for a further month.  The Health and Social Care partnership are keeping in regular contact with Dr Simpson and will share any information about his return as soon as we have it.

We hope that you can appreciate that for confidentiality reasons we are unable to discuss in more details Dr Simpsons absence.

The medical sessions at the practice are covered by regular locums Dr David Maxwell and Dr Assif Ali, in addition Dr George Mackie works a regular Tuesday morning and Dr David Miranda a Friday afternoon.

We hope by limiting the number of locums we use will enable us to offer a better continuity of care. We also try to book a female locum when we can. If patient would prefer to be seen by a female GP, they should contact reception to enquire when we have one booked and we will do our best to offer an appointment.

As you will be aware we now have a permanent Practice Nurse Nikki Wraight, Nikki is part of a wider nursing team based at Wester Hailes Medical Centre but will spend the majority of her working week at Ratho Surgery.

As Ratho is an unusually small practice with only one practice nurse post we felt it important that Nikki is attached to a larger nursing team for professional accountability purposes and so she can be supported in her role at Ratho by a larger professional group.

Nikki currently has clinics running every morning from 8am – 1pm.  Some of her clinics and additional clinics may be covered by some of the other nurses from Wester Hailes from time to time, this is so we can use the skill mix of a larger team to offer a more extensive nursing service to the patients at Ratho.

New Build

All contracts are agreed and we await the final version of the specification from the developer to enable the legal agreement to be signed.​

Arrangements are in place for emergency cover and we would like to reassure you that if you have a medical problem that requires urgent attention you will have access through the practice to a medical professional.

 We expect the situation to change on a daily basis as medical cover may become available at short notice and we will aim to offer appointments to patients as soon as they become available.

The receptionists at the practice will be updated with any new information to pass onto you as it becomes available.

We thank you for your understanding whilst we try to respond to this situation.

David White, Locality Manager – South West Edinburgh



Proposed cycle improvements on Gogar Station Road – for comments


The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) plans to commence the resurfacing of Gogar Station Road in April 2015. There has been a history of requests for improved cycle facilities on Gogar Station Road due to the north-south links offered from the Canal and A71 to the RBS HQ and A8.
A design has been reached which includes the removal of the road centre-line with advisory cycle lanes over the majority of Gogar Station Road between the RBS HQ and the railway over-bridge (linking to the south shared use footway). This is a relatively new approach in the UK on rural roads and CEC are now confident that it is suitable for trialling on Gogar Station Road. It is hoped that the new road layout will reduce traffic speeds and improve the conditions and visibility of the on-road cycle route. The narrow traffic area will create some uncertainty for drivers and in-turn reduce speeds, with drivers expected to travel in the cycle lanes only when safe to do so. Following implementation, traffic speeds will be evaluated and, if suitable, a reduced speed limit will be progressed. They hope traffic speeds will reduce sufficiently to meet the criteria of a 30mph road. A robust evaluation is planned for the trial which will consider collisions, speeds, conflicts and user feedback
Layout and signage plans have been prepared for information and comment and can be viewed here and here. Please note these are draft designs and minor changes can be expected to the signage in particular. Please return any comments by Friday 13 February to paul.matthews@edinburgh.gov.uk  . It would be helpful if you could copy the Community Council in to your response at info@stevent11.sg-host.com


Scottish Government Community Council Website

The Scottish Government in collaboration with COSLA has developed a new website to

  • Raise awareness of Community Councils amongst the general public.
  • Provide information on the role of a Community Councillor to potential candidates.
  • Support new Community Councils/Councillors to access information to help in their work.
  • Support Community Councils with good practice case studies.

Anyone can access the site at  www.communitycouncils.org.uk

Please send any comments to the Community Council website mailbox at community_council_mailbox@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

Ratho Surgery and Health Centre

As there are continuing problems with locum arrangements for our Surgery NHS has issued a statement outlining the arrangements for emergency cover for the week commencing 13th April.

Ratho Surgery update 10 April 2015

NHS Lothian staff have been working closely with the practice over recent months to resolve the various issues and pressures that staff and patients have been experiencing. We recognise the anxiety, uncertainty and insecurity that disruption like this causes for patients and are working hard to ensure that the community has access to consistent primary care cover.

Since our last briefing we have provided GP cover all day on Mondays and Wednesdays, and had at least one session on the other three days. All repeat prescriptions and housecalls have also been dealt with.

The majority of these sessions have been covered by the part-time GP who works for the practice and has been helping as much as possible. This GP will be on holiday for the coming week and despite our best efforts, we have so far been unable to secure locum cover.

The arrangements we have in place at the moment to ensure all urgent and emergency patients can be seen are:

Monday:  Victoria Practice offering emergency and triage cover all day. No Nurse cover.
Tuesday: Locum cover in morning, Nurse cover in morning. Victoria Practice in afternoon.
Wednesday: Victoria Practice offering emergency and triage cover all day. No Nurse cover.
Thursday: Locum cover in morning. Victoria Practice in afternoon. No Nurse cover.
Friday: Victoria Practice offering emergency and triage cover all day. No Nurse cover.

As of Monday 11 May 2015 a long term female locum GP will provide cover on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The previous full time GP has resigned from the post and we will be advertising the post to secure a permanent replacement for in the near future. In addition, the planning application for the new surgery building has now been lodged with the City of Edinburgh Council.

10 April 2015
Primary Care Service Manager
Edinburgh Community Health Partnership

A copy of the statement can be downloaded here


Canal Towpath Trail


Re-Union Canal Boats (www.re-union.org.uk) has proposed creating a central point to allow the public to access a variety of information promoting the Union Canal.   This might include leaflets, displays or other media, such has been done for Glasgow canals.   http://www.scottishwaterwaystrust.org.uk/unlocking-the-story and http://www.scottishwaterwaystrust.org.uk/media/152733/final%20pdf.pdf  Whilst the Community Council has been speaking to Scottish Canals and considers the upgrade of the towpath to be the greatest priority, this initiative is an opportunity to encourage people to use the towpath and visit the village and enjoy its facilities.   There is an online survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6RV7RJR running until 31 July to allow you to give your opinions and offer any skills or useful information you have.   There is even a space which would allow you to mention that the towpath between Ratho and Hermiston requires some repair to allow for comfortable walking.



Traffic Order Main Street – Update


The Community Council has been seeking clarification of the proposals in TRO 13-46.  

The Statement of Reasons says

“Cala Homes are developing an area to the north of Ratho and building new homes which is expected to increase traffic through Ratho once these homes are occupied as the only access to the A71 main traffic route is via the centre of the village.  To assist traffic on Main Street, Ratho, it is proposed to introduce two sections of 24 hour waiting restrictions (double yellow lines).”

 The plan with the paperwork is not of high quality but proposes double yellow lines extending from the west edge of 48 Main Street, past the Bowling Club to the east edge of the driveway of 40 Main Street, and a further length from the entrance drive of the flats at 26 Main Street round the corner to 5 Baird Road.  The raised table is NOT part of this Traffic Order.

 Objectors must state their reasons in writing with reference TRO/13/46 to Traffic Orders, Services for Communities, City Chambers, High Street Edinburgh EH1 1YJ by 4th April 2014.  Please also give your name and address.  You can also object to an Order, by email at trafficorders@edinburgh.gov.uk

 The Community Council would also appreciate a copy of your comments so that we can reflect the views of residents info@stevent11.sg-host.com

TheTraffic Orders web page 

http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/info/1523/transport_and_streets/431/traffic_orders  currently provides copies of the documents, which are also available for inspection at the City Chambers Reception or at Ratho Library:


Freelands Road: Proposed Speed Limit


The City of Edinburgh Council proposes to make an order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended to reduce the speed limit from 60mph to 30mph on parts of Freelands Road.

Objectors must state their reasons in writing with reference TRO/13/40 to Traffic Orders, Services for Communities, City Chambers, High Street Edinburgh EH1 1YJ not later than 4 April 2014.    You can also object to an Order, by email at trafficorders@edinburgh.gov.uk 

Statement of Reasons:

Since the recent redevelopments and new carriageway layouts in the Ratho area, Freelands Road speed limit has raised concerns within the local community.   An assessment was carried out on the current speed limit and it was found that although there were no vehicles travelling over the speed limit, given the new layout and surrounding properties, it is considered that the existing national speed limit is excessive and should be reduced to 30mph.


It is anticipated that the reduction in speed limit should greatly increase road safety.

A plan of the proposal can be viewed in Ratho Library or Freelands Road TRO


Proposed Traffic Orders in Main Street

Two proposals for traffic management were made in September/October last year.   We have now received an update on these.

·        A Redetermination Order, under the terms of the Roads Scotland Act 1984, which proposed an amendment to the kerbline on Main Street by widening the carriageway on the north side, near to its junction with Dalmahoy Road was advertised to the public and a number of objections were received.  The City of Edinburgh Council is not permitted to consider these objections and is required to pass them to the Scottish Ministers.  The Ministers can uphold the objections and request the abandonment of the Order, or they can confirm the Order in full or with amendments.   We are waiting for a response from Scottish Ministers.

·        The other Order is A Traffic Regulation Order, under the terms of the Road Traffic Regulation act 1984, which proposes the introduction of 24 hour waiting restrictions (double yellow lines) at two locations on Main Street.  TROs have a two stage consultation procedure. The first, a formal consultation with bodies representing persons likely to be affected (emergency services, Freight Transport, Road Haulage, bus companies, Community Councils etc) has been completed and a number of comments were been received, including a objection from the Community Council.  The second stage is the advertising of the proposals to the public for any objections and these proposals will be advertised shortly.  As the proposed waiting restrictions do not include a loading prohibition, any objections to the Order can be considered by the Transport and Environment Committee of the Council and their decision implemented.

 We shall keep you updated on developments as they arise.