Development Public Events – 2 locations

The developer (Rick Finc Associates) for the site between the M8 and Freelands Road, on the east side of Baird Road has arranged public exhibitions at Ratho Community Centre on Tuesday 21st  June – 2.30pm to 7.30pm and Monday 27th June – 4pm to 8pm.

A poster of the location can be viewed here


The developer agents for Stewart Milne (land between East Croft and Ratho Park Golf Course) have confirmed that they will hold two public consultation events in Ratho Parish Church Hall, Baird Road, Ratho, EH28 8RA on Tuesday 21st June – 3pm – 7.30pm and Wednesday 22nd June – 4pm – 8pm.



Local Development Plan

The proposed LDP is now due to be considered by the Planning Committee of the City of Edinburgh Council at its next meeting on 14th May 2015.   It should therefore be available to download from the Council website 6 days before that.

Recent Commercial Planning Applications


Three planning applications relating to commercial premises in Ratho Station/Newbridge have recently been lodged with the City of Edinburgh Council.  Concerns have already been raised about these and the Community Council has asked to be consulted.   The applications in question are:

Temporary permission (5 years) for change of use from vacant land to 24 hour secure airport parking.

3 Queen Anne Drive Newbridge EH28 8LH

Ref. No: 14/02929/FUL


Application for the permanent use of the land for airport parking and associated office.08/01312/FUL

1C Old Liston Road Newbridge EH28 8SJ

Ref. No: 14/02894/FUL


Change of use from Class 6 building (storage and distribution) to waste recycling centre (sui generis).

Newbridge Industrial Estate 6 Cliftonhall Industrial Estate Newbridge EH28 8PJ

Ref. No: 14/02622/FUL


If you wish to make a representation on any or all of these you can do so direct to the Planning Service and/or email by Tuesday 19th August for your comments to be incorporated in our submissions.

For information on making representations on planning matters see the link to our page on Material Considerations.

Bus stops near Freelands Way

As part of the legal agreement giving planning permission to Cala for house building at the Moorings the developers were required to install 2 bus stops with appropriate shelters and road markings, on Baird Road for the Moorings.    The Community Council has been asked to comment on the location of these bus stops.

The City of Edinburgh Council prefers bus stops to be opposite each other, whilst maintaining road safety for all road users.   It is proposed that the stop entering the village could be at the stopped-off Freelands Road, where the bus has traditionally stopped on request, in any case.  However, it has been difficult to find a suitable, safe position for the stop for passengers going in the direction of Ratho Station, bearing in mind that the stop can only be sited on Council-owned land or roadways.

One proposal has been that it could be sited on the War Memorial triangle.  The Community Council would like to find out your views on this proposal.  Would a simple bus stop without a shelter be acceptable, can you suggest a safe alternative, or is there no need for an additional bus stop?  

Please bear in mind that under the legal agreement this funding can only be applied to the specified item, and not used for any other useful purpose.

You can view a plan of the area here

Please send your ideas to by Monday 23rd June 201.  Many thanks


Planning Application – The Glebe 13/03878/FUL

Following representations made by the Community Council concerning the accuracy and completeness of the report to the Development Management sub-committee, and the failure of the Planning Department to consult us on revised proposals, this item was pulled from the agenda until the issues raised have been investigated.


Craigpark Quarry application lodged

CALA submit application

The CALA planning application for a residential development at Craigpark Quarry, trailed by their public consultation earlier in the year, has now been lodged.  The final background documents were uploaded to the City Council’s website today.

The planning application reference is 13/02527/FUL and further details are available on the Council’s planning portal, accessed via this link:

Role of the Community Council

The City Council has invited your Community Council  to be consultees on this major application and thereby to represent the community’s views to the City Council.

We would therefore be grateful for the views of anyone interested in providing them to .  Any response received will help form the Community Council’s consultation representation, which will be discussed at our meeting on July 15.

Expressing your view to the Community Council does not mean you cannot also submit your views direct to the City Council, either by hard-copy or e-mail through the planning portal and we would encourage you so to do.

There is a limited period during which representations can be made.