Ratho Bus Service

Following the public meeting with Cllr Lesley Hinds the Ratho and District Community Council have been in correspondence with Cllr Hinds and her assistants regarding the points raised at the meeting with minimal success.  We subsequently had a further meeting with them and alternative routes were proposed.  These, together with our outstanding points were dismissed and we were also referred to the report to the Transport and Environment Committee presented on 27 October 2015. An extract is attached below but in summary it states that there is no justification for any additional subsidy for the route to Ratho.

It does say that discussions continue – we will continue to pursue these.

Extract from report to to meeting to the Transport and Environment Committee:

At its meeting on 18 March 2014, following a report on Subsidised Bus Services – Ratho Village and Dumbiedykes, Committee agreed ‘that the Acting Director of Services for Communities report back once the new contract has been in place for six months to consider the need for a public transport link to the city centre and a future link to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena’.  Discussions have taken place, and are continuing, with Community Council representatives, to identify an optimum service for Ratho which can be provided for the same or a lower price than the current service.

When there are budgetary pressures which may affect services in some areas, it is difficult to justify expanding them elsewhere, unless there is an overwhelming case for doing so.  It is considered that financing a direct bus service from Ratho to the city centre, and a future link to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena, is not such a case.

If you would like to see the full report it can be accessed here.

Bus stops near Freelands Way

As part of the legal agreement giving planning permission to Cala for house building at the Moorings the developers were required to install 2 bus stops with appropriate shelters and road markings, on Baird Road for the Moorings.    The Community Council has been asked to comment on the location of these bus stops.

The City of Edinburgh Council prefers bus stops to be opposite each other, whilst maintaining road safety for all road users.   It is proposed that the stop entering the village could be at the stopped-off Freelands Road, where the bus has traditionally stopped on request, in any case.  However, it has been difficult to find a suitable, safe position for the stop for passengers going in the direction of Ratho Station, bearing in mind that the stop can only be sited on Council-owned land or roadways.

One proposal has been that it could be sited on the War Memorial triangle.  The Community Council would like to find out your views on this proposal.  Would a simple bus stop without a shelter be acceptable, can you suggest a safe alternative, or is there no need for an additional bus stop?  

Please bear in mind that under the legal agreement this funding can only be applied to the specified item, and not used for any other useful purpose.

You can view a plan of the area here

Please send your ideas to chair@stevent11.sg-host.com by Monday 23rd June 201.  Many thanks


Ratho Bus Service


Lothian Buses have now confirmed the route of the new Ratho Bus Service from 1 June 2014. This service is an extension of the 20 service and will call at Gyle for bus interchanges and Edinburgh Park for the tram interchange and then on to Slateford Road terminating at Asda in Chesser Avenue.
This service is based on the subsidy agreed by the Council. It is NOT the direct service lobbied for by many residents and the Community Council, nor our preferred link with the 100 service but it is a better service than originally proposed by Lothian Buses. It gives an easier, and drier, link to the tram and options to link to more bus services than initially available. We were unable to persuade Lothian Buses that we should have a special ticket rate for Ratho bus users as to quote Cllr Hinds, “it would be unfair to other areas in Scotland.”
We have been promised a review in 6 months and therefore will be holding a public meeting when the service has been running for 2 or 3 months.

The timetable is available here

A summary of the tram timetable is here