Covid19 Emergency Measures A8/A89

The City Council has advised us of the proposed designs for the scheme to introduce bus lanes on the A8/A89 corridor into and out of the City.  This was previously mentioned but no account has been taken of residents’ concerns about traffic pollution from queuing cars on the A8 nor the possible rat running through Ratho village from queued cars during rush hours. The proposals aim to “provide buses with reduced journey times and improved reliability, to ensure that services remain responsive to public health measures and reliable during the current Covid-19 pandemic” though it has previously been stated that these could be made permanent measures in the future.   There are plans showing the proposals but they are very faint and the Airport Junction to Newbridge is 8 pages long.   However, they can be accessed by clicking the links highlighted:

Given the urgency to make the required changes any comments relating to these proposals should be received by 1200hrs on Monday 15 March to .  If you have any comments please also email your ward councillors  See our contacts page.