Craigpark Quarry application lodged

CALA submit application

The CALA planning application for a residential development at Craigpark Quarry, trailed by their public consultation earlier in the year, has now been lodged.  The final background documents were uploaded to the City Council’s website today.

The planning application reference is 13/02527/FUL and further details are available on the Council’s planning portal, accessed via this link:

Role of the Community Council

The City Council has invited your Community Council  to be consultees on this major application and thereby to represent the community’s views to the City Council.

We would therefore be grateful for the views of anyone interested in providing them to .  Any response received will help form the Community Council’s consultation representation, which will be discussed at our meeting on July 15.

Expressing your view to the Community Council does not mean you cannot also submit your views direct to the City Council, either by hard-copy or e-mail through the planning portal and we would encourage you so to do.

There is a limited period during which representations can be made.