Dalmahoy Junction

At the Community Council meeting on Monday 15 February an officer from the City Council gave an update on their considerations for making the junction of Dalmahoy Road and the A71 safer.   This initiative followed a petition in 2014 from residents pointing out that “after 15 years of reporting that lives are in danger with cars trying to get out of Dalmahoy Golf Course / Hotel and Country Club and Ratho (nearest village) on the opposite side of the main A71.”  The petition was considered at the Transport and Environment Committee on 28 October 2014, 17 March 2015 (item 8.1) and 30 August 2016 (item 8.5).   The officers at that time considered a pedestrian controlled crossing would not alleviate the problems of vehicles trying to access the A71 particularly at peak times.

It was stated at that time, that following audits the introduction of traffic signals to the junction was the only practical option to improve road safety for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Various options have since been considered but costs have risen.   The previous option for a fully signalised junction along with the pedestrian controlled option were presented to the Community Council and these can be viewed on Power Point presentation here   (Slides 6 & 7).   We would appreciate your comments on those options for forwarding to the City Council. Please email these to info@radcc.org