Community Councils have the power to be asked to be consulted as a Statutory Consultee, about planning applications in their area. RADCC generally only exercise this powerful right in the case of major scale or contentious developments and are proactive in keeping an eye on what’s going on.

Ratho & District CC:

  • Monitors the weekly planning lists produced by City of Edinburgh Council.
  • Discusses planning issues at Community Council meetings.
  • Holds public meetings to publicise major applications and gauge Community feeling where appropriate.
  • Asks to be consulted on planning issues where there are concerns on the impact to the Community.
  • Consults with relevant Planning Officials where appropriate.
  • Writes letters to the Planning Department expressing the views of the Community Council on planning issues.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Community Council is automatically a Statutory Consultee for Major Applications.  We can ask to be a Statutory Consultee within 7 days of an application being validated so if there is a matter you wish to inform us about please get in contact as soon as possible.

Current Planning Applications

Can be searched for on the City Council’s website:

Click here to download the leaflet “How to comment on Planning Proposals and Applications”