Proposal of Application Notice

This is needed for each national and major development. A PAN lets the Council and the community know that an application is likely to be made. These have to be submitted 12 weeks before the planning application.

During the 12 week period, the developer must hold a public event where the public may make comments on the proposed development to the developer. This event is advertised in the Edinburgh Evening News along with details of where to find further info and how to make comment.

Both community councils and the public should make their views known to the developer.

When the planning application is made, the developer must provide a Pre-Application Consultation report. It known as a PAC report.

The PAC report normally includes:

  • Who has been consulted;
  • What steps were taken to comply with the statutory requirements and those of the planning authority;
  • How the applicant has responded to the comments made, including whether and the extent to which the proposals have changed as a result of PAC;
  • Evidence that the various steps needed have been done – e.g. copies of advertisements of the public events and reference to material made available at such events;

• Evidence the public were made aware that the PAC process does not replace the application process whereby representations can be made to the planning authority