Proposed cycle improvements on Gogar Station Road – for comments


The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) plans to commence the resurfacing of Gogar Station Road in April 2015. There has been a history of requests for improved cycle facilities on Gogar Station Road due to the north-south links offered from the Canal and A71 to the RBS HQ and A8.
A design has been reached which includes the removal of the road centre-line with advisory cycle lanes over the majority of Gogar Station Road between the RBS HQ and the railway over-bridge (linking to the south shared use footway). This is a relatively new approach in the UK on rural roads and CEC are now confident that it is suitable for trialling on Gogar Station Road. It is hoped that the new road layout will reduce traffic speeds and improve the conditions and visibility of the on-road cycle route. The narrow traffic area will create some uncertainty for drivers and in-turn reduce speeds, with drivers expected to travel in the cycle lanes only when safe to do so. Following implementation, traffic speeds will be evaluated and, if suitable, a reduced speed limit will be progressed. They hope traffic speeds will reduce sufficiently to meet the criteria of a 30mph road. A robust evaluation is planned for the trial which will consider collisions, speeds, conflicts and user feedback
Layout and signage plans have been prepared for information and comment and can be viewed here and here. Please note these are draft designs and minor changes can be expected to the signage in particular. Please return any comments by Friday 13 February to  . It would be helpful if you could copy the Community Council in to your response at