Ratho Bus Service


Lothian Buses have now confirmed the route of the new Ratho Bus Service from 1 June 2014. This service is an extension of the 20 service and will call at Gyle for bus interchanges and Edinburgh Park for the tram interchange and then on to Slateford Road terminating at Asda in Chesser Avenue.
This service is based on the subsidy agreed by the Council. It is NOT the direct service lobbied for by many residents and the Community Council, nor our preferred link with the 100 service but it is a better service than originally proposed by Lothian Buses. It gives an easier, and drier, link to the tram and options to link to more bus services than initially available. We were unable to persuade Lothian Buses that we should have a special ticket rate for Ratho bus users as to quote Cllr Hinds, “it would be unfair to other areas in Scotland.”
We have been promised a review in 6 months and therefore will be holding a public meeting when the service has been running for 2 or 3 months.

The timetable is available here

A summary of the tram timetable is here