Ratho Surgery – Notice to Patients from NHS Lothian

Posted on behalf of Ratho Surgery Patient Participation Group

Ratho Surgery Update (13/05/2016)

Unfortunately, Dr Simpson remains unwell and will be absent from the practice for a further month.  The Health and Social Care partnership are keeping in regular contact with Dr Simpson and will share any information about his return as soon as we have it.

We hope that you can appreciate that for confidentiality reasons we are unable to discuss in more details Dr Simpsons absence.

The medical sessions at the practice are covered by regular locums Dr David Maxwell and Dr Assif Ali, in addition Dr George Mackie works a regular Tuesday morning and Dr David Miranda a Friday afternoon.

We hope by limiting the number of locums we use will enable us to offer a better continuity of care. We also try to book a female locum when we can. If patient would prefer to be seen by a female GP, they should contact reception to enquire when we have one booked and we will do our best to offer an appointment.

As you will be aware we now have a permanent Practice Nurse Nikki Wraight, Nikki is part of a wider nursing team based at Wester Hailes Medical Centre but will spend the majority of her working week at Ratho Surgery.

As Ratho is an unusually small practice with only one practice nurse post we felt it important that Nikki is attached to a larger nursing team for professional accountability purposes and so she can be supported in her role at Ratho by a larger professional group.

Nikki currently has clinics running every morning from 8am – 1pm.  Some of her clinics and additional clinics may be covered by some of the other nurses from Wester Hailes from time to time, this is so we can use the skill mix of a larger team to offer a more extensive nursing service to the patients at Ratho.

New Build

All contracts are agreed and we await the final version of the specification from the developer to enable the legal agreement to be signed.​

Arrangements are in place for emergency cover and we would like to reassure you that if you have a medical problem that requires urgent attention you will have access through the practice to a medical professional.

 We expect the situation to change on a daily basis as medical cover may become available at short notice and we will aim to offer appointments to patients as soon as they become available.

The receptionists at the practice will be updated with any new information to pass onto you as it becomes available.

We thank you for your understanding whilst we try to respond to this situation.

David White, Locality Manager – South West Edinburgh