Village Noticeboards

Ratho Village:  The noticeboard which is on the grass beside the bus stop at North Street was funded by the Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership to ensure that residents are able to view the business of the Community Council and the Neighbourhood Partnership.

Display space is prioritised as follows:

  1. The most recent minutes of the Community Council will be displayed as soon as these are approved as correct by the Community Council.
  2. Other items of Community Council business affecting Ratho will also be exhibited.  This includes Proposal of Application Notices.
  3. Pentland Neighbourhood Partnership notices and City of Edinburgh Council notices affecting Ratho will be displayed for a limited period.
  4. Space will be allocated (if available) to Ratho Village organisations to advertise events and activities.   Space thereafter will be allocated to charities on the same basis. The guidelines for these are:
      • Notices (A4 size maximum) should be emailed to the secretary and will be printed and displayed as soon as practicable.  For printing purposes these should not be highly coloured.
      • Notices will be displayed for a maximum of 2 weeks.
      • Commercial advertising and political notices will not be displayed.
      • The final decision on display rests with the Community Council.

These guidelines will be displayed on the Community Council website and a reference to the web page given on the noticeboard itself.  Please be aware that any unauthorised notices will be removed.  You can download a copy of these guidelines here

Adopted by Ratho & District Community Council August 2014, revised May 2015

Ratho Station:  This noticeboard is opposite Scotmid on Hillwood Road and  is managed by Newbridge and Ratho Station Community Association (NARSCA).

Newbridge:  There is a noticeboard on Parkside, near the Royal Bank of Scotland building.   NARSCA also look after this noticeboard.

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