Reporting Aircraft Noise

Earlier this year Edinburgh Airport launched its new flight tracking and reporting system where members of the public can track flights within Edinburgh Airport airspace, with data on altitude, origin/destination airport, and flight identification. This system allows residents to review specific aircraft that created a noise concern and lodge a complaint to the Airport Noise Office directly from Flight Tracker.   Flight operations have a 5-10 minute delay.

They have also set up Edinburgh Airport Noise Advisory Board (EANAB) with representatives of Community Councils in the area to represent the concerns of local communities who are affected by aircraft noise associated with operations around Edinburgh Airport (EAL).  EANAB will ensure such concerns are understood and will report back to local communities on actions intended to improve the situation for those affected, with the ultimate aim of reducing the impact of noise on the local community.   Ratho & District is represented on the Board and to report concerns with aircraft noise can be contacted here.