• This area was settled as long ago as the New Stone Age (5th Century BC), with prolific remains having been discovered; as recently as 2001 the remains of an Iron Age chariot burial, (c450BC) were found near the Bronze Age burial mound of Huly Hill, at Newbridge.  The chariot was the first of its kind to be found in Scotland and shows Iron Age Scotland in direct contact with the European Continent.
  • The Newbridge chariot was buried intact, a method consistent with the burial practices of Continental Europe rather than Yorkshire where the closest other example has been found.
  • Ratho Station/Newbridge area has been the focus of
    intensive occupation for over 6000 years. The most obvious example is the nationally important monuments of Ratho Station standing stone and Huly Hill, an upstanding prehistoric burial mound and stone circle situated on and dominating the eastern side of Newbridge. This prehistoric monument, which is likely to date from the early 2nd millennium BC, was constructed within the centre of a stone circle which is thought to date from the earlier Neolithic period (3rd millennium BC).
  • Recent excavations at Newbridge have provided new and direct evidence for the nature of this prehistoric occupation and later Roman and medieval occupation. The excavated remains included isolated prehistoric pits and post-holes, a post-defined enclosures, round–houses, a ring-ditch cemetery.   Excavations  have also revealed the remains of a Roman Road which may be linked to the Roman 2nd century AD milestone discovered in 1699 to the North of this site at Ingliston. A second Roman carved stone fragment (that of the body of a Roman Eagle) is incorporated within the fabric of the south gable of West Ingliston Farmstead.
  • Please note we presently have no library in Ratho, but a mobile service is scheduled to start in summer 2021 pending the building of a new facility.
  • A former member of the Community Council, Ron Day, produced a compact disc (available in the Library free of charge) containing the results of much research by the Ratho Local History Group, Ron and his wife.   Sadly, Ron passed away in 2009.
  • The library in School Wynd had local history information as well as free copies of the History CD.
  • The Union Canal Unlocked project published an app and booklet (2017) showing points of interest along the canal with contributions from local residents.  Copies of the booklet are available in Ratho Library.
  • Ratho Reminiscences and History Facebook Group welcomes information about the village and its people.